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Serving Lake & Porter Counties, Northwest Indiana

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Serving Lake & Porter Counties,
Northwest Indiana

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Attendant/Personal Care

Our Attendant/Personal Care services involve assistance with personal daily living activities.

Clients are often embarrassed to need this particular type of assistance, and it may take them a while to accept it. We give our Caregivers additional training on proper and effective ways to assist clients with daily living activities that are of a sensitive nature. We employ only people with a high level of compassion and understanding. It's important that clients are able to maintain their dignity in all situations; Our Caregivers are trained to help.

Our Attendant/Personal Care Services include the following:

Assistance with grooming and hygiene: Help clienits maintain their appearance, which in turn promotes self-esteem. Includes washing and combing hair, shaving assistance, nail care (non-diabetic), and oral/denture care.

Assistance with dressing: For older people, as mobility decreases assistance with dressing may become an important need.

Bathing & showering assistance: It's not uncommon for seniors to stop bathing regularly. Our Caregivers encourage clients to maintain healthy and safe bathing habits, and assist them with the process.

Assistance with restroom use/incontinence care: Loss of bladder control is a fact of life for many adults. We can help, while also helping them maintain their independence as much as possible. Our Caregivers can assist clients with toileting, adult undergarments, and cleanup when necessary.

Mobility and transfer assistance: Non-medical home care is most suitable for clients who are at least semi-ambulatory. Our Caregivers can help semi-ambulatory clients transfer between their bed and a chair, for instance, or between a chair and a wheelchair. Caregivers can also help position them after the transfer.

Feeding assistance: For some people losing the ability to feed themselves, acknowledging that they need assistance in this area can be extremely difficult. We undestand, and will work hard to make eating a nourishing and enjoyable activity.