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Serving Lake & Porter Counties, Northwest Indiana

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Serving Lake & Porter Counties,
Northwest Indiana

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04 Sep.

Make sure you arm yourself with as much knowledge about whether you are at increased risk for stroke.  There are some health conditions and lifestyle choices that make one more susceptible.   Understanding your own risk, there are some things you can do to work towards stroke prevention.


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04 Jul.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July  Enjoy all the wonderful parades and fireworks displays available in the area.  Click here to research the events taking place in Northwest Indiana.  If you are outside for extended periods of time, please stay hydrated and protect your skin from the sun. 

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09 Jun.

Even as an owner of a Home Care agency, I was reminded yesterday evening just how serious fall prevention and safety awareness is for seniors and others that may be less steady on their feet when walking out in public.  I drove into parking lot of a local Walgreens store and my children asked why there was a woman playing on the ground, not understanding the seriousness of the situation.  I did not notice her intially, but sure enough, there was an elder woman struggling to get up off the ground in the parking lot between vehicles...

I parked my vehicle in the vacinity and asked her if I could help.  Thankfully she was not there long, but had slipped and fallen... and was obviously distraught.  She indicated she was not seriously injured and I was able to pull her up from the ground.  I asked if she needed further assistance even though she was reasonably stable on her feet when upright.  She did not want to talk much as she appeared to be somewhat dazed and inevitably embarrassed to some degree.  The poor woman thanked me and went on her way to rehab facility accross the parking lot, ironically.  

This story is a cautionary reminder to please be careful when walking in public.  Sometimes parking lots and sidewalks are in disrepair with large cracks/holes or portions of rocks or pavement jutting out.   As was the case yesterday evening with all the rain, the pavement can also become extremely slippery, especially when  coupled with engine oil and other substances on the ground when wet.  Another thing I noticed is the elder woman last night was also carrying too much to pay attention what was beneath her feet.  Handbags and other items can become a distraction when the focus is on not dropping those items instead of watching where you are walking or streadying yourself by holding a railing or vehicle in the case of a parking lot.  So think about your own safety when you venture out alone or even with someone else.

Stay safe!

Jason Bazarko